About us

Our story

Our Vision for Reconciliation

Yheduun Gauur vision for reconciliation is to partner with our established network of like minded businesses and proactively start to begin in “closing the gap”. With a genuine and honest commitment through elder and community engagement we are to deliver through a proven pathway a positive sustainable long-term employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

 Yheduun Gauur aspires and is committed to creating a lasting legacy in the local communities in which we operate via elder / community engagement, training and education, work opportunities and locally funded community infrastructure and housing projects.

 Yheduun Gauur sees our ability to drive opportunity through a culture that values and utilises the dynamic contributions people from different backgrounds can make to both business organisations and their local communities.

  • Demolition Specialists
  • Labour Hire Specialists
  • Asbestos Contractor
  • Employer of Choice

What We Offer

To engage and make positive contributions by working closely with Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities, to deliver mutually beneficial employment outcomes, through engagement, suitable training and educational initiatives and the introduction and ongoing support in a residential / commercial working environments.



We engage with all of our people to develop a sense of self belief that will enable them to realise their potential.


We offer flexibility, initiative and responsiveness to sustain our people engagement towards sustainable long-term employment outcomes.


We work together as a team to place people into employment and work with them hand in hand to achieve long term employment success and career outcomes